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With the start of commercial use of internet, email got popularity in nearly every business. This not only let you communicate faster but is also very low priced as compared to other mediums of communications like phone and faxes.

MailMatics is your corporate message system that takes your organization to next level of communication.

MailMatics is a full-blown E-mail Exchange Server that you can setup at your offices and can provide personalized e-mail addresses to every computer user in your company.

Most interesting feature of this server is that you donít need to provide internet access, modem and telephone line to each user. You just connect the machine installed with MailMatics with internet and it will receive and send the mails of every user of the network.

How MailMatics works
As the diagram illustrates, the machine installed with MailMatics server is connected with your ISP thru modem.

The e-mails addressed to the users on your network are collected on MailMatics server. These mails are delivered to the respective user when user logs on and check his / her mails.

Whatís makes MailMatics the best choice for Messaging

Easier to install

Zero maintenance / administration

Virus checking for all incoming emails

No limit on number of users

Works seamlessly with other messaging servers

Web Based Interface Ė Optional
You can also request a web based interface so that users can check their e-mails in their browser rather than in any desktop mail client software like Outlook Express. This feature is helpful where multiple users share a single desktop.

Customizable Server
MailMatics server can be customized to meet your business requirements. For instance, you can ask for the feature that it generate mails when your inventory level goes down to a certain level.

Unlike per-user licensing scheme of Exchange Server or Lotus Notes Server, MailMatics comes with easy and affordable per-Website licensing. That is you buy license for a location and add as many users as you need.

Rs.30,000 / Website/ Location

Compatible Mail clients

Outlook Express

Outlook 97 / 2K / ME/ XP / Vista

Netscape Mail Client

Eudora Pro

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