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Add-ons / Upgrades/ Additional Services.

You can avail following services with your current hosting packages according to your needs.

Linux Hosting Add-Ons:

MySQL Data Base.
One My SQL Database, Web Interface for MySQL i-e PhpMyAdmin
Price : Rs.2000/- per year, Size: 10 MB

Additional Bandwidth / Traffic.
If you require more bandwidth / traffic then proposed (with each web hosting package), in that case you can get additional quota. Additional quota will be sold in 1 GB slots.
Price: Rs.300/ per 1 GB / Per 1 Month

Bandwidth Overage.
If allowed bandwidth / traffic (with each web hosting package) consumes, then following rates will be apply for additional used bandwidth / traffic. Overage usage will be sold & charged in 500 MB slots.
Price: Rs.200/ per 500 MB/ Per 1 Month

Domain Forwarding / Redirection.
This service used, if you want to redirect any web site / domain to another URL / web site. This service is available in two modes i.e Standard forwarding & Frame forwarding.
Price: Rs.1200/- per year.

Spam Filter.
Spam filter is a useful tool if you feel frustration over unwanted / spam mail. With this powerful tool you can black list any email address to block emails form a specific email address or website. You can also create a white list over important and trusted email address or website so you never miss any important email.
Price: Rs.1000/- per year / domain

Additional Mail Box Quota.
Here are some special package for increase in mail box size, you can avail them with your current hosting package. This additional space will be added in your current mail quota (total web hosting space will be remain same).
Total space will be “Current Quota + Additional Quota = Total Mail Box Size”.

Additional Space *

2 MB

4 MB

6 MB

8 MB

10 MB

Price per year






Note: * Additional Space increase in Current Mail Box Size on each mail box.

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